Making Dreams Come True

Gwandalan Equine Coaching came to life after Kathryn began her own healing journey. She found her passion and purpose in teaching and facilitating healing in others who had also been impacted by stress, trauma and abuse.

Whilst undertaking her own inner journey and having completed a Diploma in NLP Life Coaching and Equine Bowen Therapy, Kathryn still searched for other  tools to add to her expanding tool box. In 2014 whilst at a Professional Development course Kathryn as introduced to the idea of healing with horses.

Having spent most of her life around horses the idea of working with horses for self-development and healing was very appealing. After 18 months of research she boarded a plane to the US to being the next chapter in her life with Equine Facilitated Learning. Little did she know at the time that she would become a qualified Equine Facilitated Learning Coach and be following her dreams of supporting victims of stress, trauma and abuse.


After returning to Australia Kathryn's passion for EFL slowly fizzled as did her passion for life. She found herself in a very toxic relationship where she became a victim of domestic abuse. The abuse left Kathryn battling Anxiety, Depression and PTSD symptoms. As she struggled to push through her own pain she went back to her EFL training using the strategies she'd learnt to help her deal with the abuse and trauma. Kathryn had been seeing a Psychologist for 6 months and found herself getting frustrated and disappointed, still swirling in the same thought and behavioural patterns.

  At this point an opportunity had arisen to further her studies in PSYCH-K. As part of her EFL studies in the US, Kathryn was briefly introduced to PSYCH-K and its principles. After attending the first day of training Kathryn knew that this was the 'Missing Peace' that she'd been looking for. PSYCH-K is a simple, easy, yet incredibly powerful technique. She noticed drastic changes within a very small time frame. It wouldn't be long before Kathryn would find herself coaching friends, family and clients through this life changing technique.

Today Kathryn incorporates her unique Empathic, Medium-ship & Animal Communication abilities into her coaching sessions. She is a proud supporter of Act Belong Commit, Sirens of Silence, Beyond Blue, Society of Evidence Based Policing and more in her mission to raise awareness of domestic violence and breaking the stigma surrounding mental health in Australia.


Kathryn is an incredibly intuitive, gentle soul who loves nothing more than to help others grow and succeed. She's very proud to have a herd of four equine partners as her co-facilitation team, each bringing their own unique skills, abilities and life experiences to the table. 

Kathryn McAllan
Equine Facilitated Learning Coach

Herne Hill

Western Australia

Tel: 0488 021 550

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